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Large GRP Storage Tanks

  • Description
  • Specifications

Large GRP storage tanks are fabricated on-site by filament winding, jetting molding, contact molding, etc. using fiberglass and its products as the reinforcing materials and resin as the base material.

Diameter ≥ 4.5m; capacity ≥ 100m3.

Basic Features

  • No need for transportation and easy installation
  • Large volume: the maximum winding diameter can reach 25m, and the maximum volume can reach 5000m3;
  • High strength of the tank: spiral winding and circumferential winding to ensure the bidirectional strength and overall performance of the product;
  • The overall interlaminar shear strength, flexural strength, creep resistance, wind resistance and shock resistance of the tank products are improved.

Product specifications

  • diameter:DN1 000—25000
  • volume: 1-5000m3
  • Pressure: atmospheric pressure

Scope of application

  • Oil storage tank
  • Oil field sewage tank
  • Various types of storage tanks for chemical industry
  • Environmentally friendly power wave system
  • Resistant to corrosion of various acids, bases, salts and organic solvents
≥ 4.5m
≥ 100m3
atmospheric pressure

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