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Fittings for flexible composite pipe

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Fitting for Flexible Composite Pipe

We can design and manufacture end fittings matching the flexible composite pipes.

The range of end fittings is 2- 8 inch ID from low to high-grade pressure. The installation of these end fittings is rapid and simple with high reliability and good corrosion resistance, insensitive to cleanliness or ambient temperature.

The types of end fittings are: weld neck end fitting, flanged end fitting, midline end fitting wedged fitting and pipe fittings, etc.

Weldneck End fitting for Flexible Composite Pipes

This end-fitting can be used to weld pipe to other standard components and for the occasion when welded connections are preferred in lieu of bolted connections.

Flanged fitting for Flexible Composite Pipes

The flanged end-fitting is most often used to connect with another standard pipeline

components, such as valves, and other upstream/downstream connections.

◆ Comply with Flange standards ASME B16.5

◆ Two types: direct welding type flange and live-sleeve type flange

◆ The rotary flange is easy to be connected with other flange components

Midline Fitting

This type of fitting is used to connect two lengths of pipelines together without having intermediately flanged or welded points.

◆ Build-in gas venting system, with high security.

◆ No welding to connect with flange and bolt during installation

Special Pipe Fitting

This fitting can meet any needs, we can accept customized orders, such as rectangular pipe fitting, three-way joint fitting, four-way joint fitting, reducer, etc.

◆ Tailored to clients’ requirements

◆ With constant changes and different combinations

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