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API 15HR GRE Tubing

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Can be designed and produced according to customer’s requirements.

Product Standards
SY/T 7043 High-Pressure Fiberglass Tubing for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries
SY/T 6267-2006 Specification for High-Pressure Fiberglass Line Pipe Applications


Product Description:

API 15HR GRE Tubing is used for water injection wells, sewage reinjection wells, and polymer injection wells. Manufactured with a fusion of high-end Linear Low-Density Polymer resins and epoxides for maximum performance and reliability in downhole applications. With a 15 hr design life standard, our tubing undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal seal integrity from the harshest environments.

– API15HR design life standard

– Outstanding mechanical properties including resistance to abrasion, corrosion and permeation make it ideal for use in water injection wells, sewage reinjection wells, polymer injection wells and other downhole applications.
– Acidic & Alkaline resistant material ensures its compatibility with harsh environmental conditions.
– Ideal product choice due to its good mix of chemical resistance and durability.

-Used for general water injection wells, sewage reinjection wells, polymer injection wells, etc..

Pressure rating:

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