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World-Class GRP Pipe Line Manufacturer

The global ever-increasing need for energy resources accounts for the rising demand for high-strength, durable and lightweight pipelines for the industrial applications in oil sites and geothermal energy power plants. IFGS is a leading GRP pipe line manufacturer specialised in high pressure fiberglass line pipe productions together with other piping facilities such as RTP pipes, fiberglass casings and more. We distinguish ourselves from other GRP pipe manufacturers by delivering the most customised piping solutions and services to meet your specific requirements.

GRP pipe is the major item of our fiberglass line pipe productions. Composed of inert materials, GRP pipes have an elevated corrosion resistance. Therefore, when compared to the traditional cast steel and carbon iron pipes, they have an extraordinarily long working life of more than 60 years. It comes as no surprise that more and more GRP pipe manufacturers are continuously improving the durability of the pipes in an attempt to extend their lifetime to over 100 years. The internal-external barrier is added for enhancing the corrosion resistance so that the pipe can withstand any corrosive conditions. Apart from that, the major benefit of a GRP pipe is its lightweight construction, reducing the costs of shipping, handling, long-haul transport and onsite installation.

How To Choose The Right One For Your Project

The oil and gas industries may demand fiberglass line pipes of high pressures with specific technical qualities. With a competent discontinuous filament winding system, our high pressure fiberglass line pipe productions attain high-end standard which caters to the extreme environmental requirements in the oil sites.

For large-scale civil infrastructure projects, a CFW production line is highly recommended for building extensive lengths of pipelines (over 1000 km). This kind of produced pipe is 15-30% is cheaper than that produced with a discontinuous or centrifugally cast line.

In regards to composite materials, you can choose the resin used in the filament winding process ranging from polyester, vinyl ester, and to epoxy resins. Each type of resin has different levels of corrosion resistance and various pricings. The oil and gas industry, and the geothermal energy industry may demand vinylester resins and epoxy resins as they can resist high pressures, high temperatures and highly corrosive substances. On top of the nature of resin, factors that determine excellent final results are the types of glass employed in the fiberglass line pipe productions.

Customised Solutions and Services

IFGS, a top-notch high pressure fiberglass and GRP pipe line manufacturer, enables customization of every part of the piping facilities. All of our fiberglass line pipe products can be designed to exactly match certain project requirements, helping you to cut down unnecessary costs. It is possible to customize everything, from composite materials to installation methods. For example, clients can incorporate additional components into the design and manufacturing of GRP pipes during the fabrication process.

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