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Organization: API
Publication Date: 1 February 2016
Status: Active
Page Count: 42

This specification was formulated to provide for the availability of safe, dimensionally, and functionally interchangeable high-pressure fiberglass line pipe with a pressure rating from 500 lbf/in.2 to 5000 lbf/in.2 (3.45 MPa to 34.5 MPa), inclusive, in 250 lbf/in.2 (1.72 MPa) increments for pipes ≤ than NPS 12 inches and 100 lbf/in.2 (0.69 MPa) increments for pipes ˃ than NPS 12 inches. This specification is limited to mechanical connections and the technical content provides requirements for performance, design, materials, tests and inspection, marking, handling, storing, and shipping. Critical components are items of equipment having requirements specified in this document.

This specification is applicable to rigid pipe components made from thermosetting resins and reinforced with glass fibers. Typical thermosetting resins are epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, and phenolic. Thermoplastic resins are excluded from the scope of this specification. Any internal liners applied shall be made also from thermosetting resins. Fiberglass line pipe for use in low-pressure systems are covered in API Spec 15LR.

This specification covers fiberglass pipe utilized for the production of oil and gas. Specific equipment covered by this specification is high-pressure line pipe and couplings, fittings, flanges, and reducers and adapters.

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