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Available format(s):  Hardcopy, PDF

Language(s):  English

Published date:  11-02-2018

Publisher:  American Petroleum Institute

Table Of Contents

1 Scope
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Applications
1.3 Unit Conversion
2 References
2.1 General
2.2 Requirements
2.3 Equivalent Standards
3 Glossary (Definitions, Abbreviations)
3.1 Definitions
3.2 Abbreviations
4 Purchasing Guidelines
4.1 General
5 Design
5.1 Design
5.2 Dimensions and Tolerances
6 Process of Manufacture
6.1 Process of Manufacture
6.2 Materials
6.3 Rework Material
6.4 Fittings
6.5 Finish and Workmanship
7 Quality Program
7.1 Quality Manual
7.2 Quality Control Tests
7.3 Inspection and Rejection
8 Equipment Marking
8.1 General
9 Handling, Storage and Installation
9.1 Storage
9.2 Handling
9.3 Installation
Annex A (informative) – Conversions
Annex B (informative) – External Pressure Rating
(Collapse Pressure)
Annex C (informative) – Cross-linked Polyethylene
Annex D (informative) – API Monogram
Annex E (informative) – Installation

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